About us

Casa Chave is a company that acts in the real estate sector in its most diverse perspectives.

For this, Casa Chave counts on a team and multidisciplinary partners, characterized by great professionalism and honesty and great capacity of communication in several languages:


Harvinder Suri: Manager

Collaborator / customer support in Portuguese, French and English 

Collaborator in webdesign and maintenance of communication networks


Solange Maurício: Jurist  (Portuguese / French)

Rede Casa: Company certified by the Bank of Portugal that acts with several banking institutions in obtaining credit

Accounting: Contidiver

Enforcement Office to ensure the feasibility of projects

Platform: EGO, computer system oriented exclusively for real estate management, very versatile and constantly evolving performance improvement to better serve the customer seller or buyer.

1. Mission Statement

Be the KEY to your LIFE!

2. Objectives

The Key House intends to be innovative in its field, providing a 360º service to the Buyer and Seller:

- Being the best in prospecting, selection and raising of real estate

- Disclose your real estate in a differentiated way

- Accompanying the potential customer from the first contact to the deed, thus taking over the management of the whole process of buying and selling and after-sale in the various aspects

- Going further, being aware of the new realities of the market, Casa Key is also dedicated to facilitating the integration of new residents, thus giving support to the entire "migrant" population in the change of residence process.

3. What we do and how we do it

    a) Prospecting
In this first phase, we adopt our tools and knowledge to find, select and collect properties with the best conditions of price, situation and information in order to provide the best service to the seller and buyer

    b) Purchase / Sale and Process Management
From the moment the client contacts us until the deed is done, we accompany you in the adventure of finding the desired property.

We can also provide the follow-up service in the various other tasks to be carried out (obtaining a taxpayer's number, opening a bank account, obtaining credit information, reserving the property, promissory contract in the source language, writing ...) or forwarding for our partners, always leaving the freedom of choice to the client.

    c) After sales
This stage is the one that happens the deed in which the client will have to change all water, electricity, gas and telecommunications contracts.

Here again, we provide the service upon request of the client that will not have to worry about anything with the various entities to contact. (EDP, City Hall of the property, gas and telecommunications provider)

You will also have a very useful set of information for your installation, as other steps must be overcome.

    d) Other services
Here are regrouped the other steps mentioned:

- Request for statute RNH (Non-habitual resident)

- Legalization of vehicle

- Legalization of driving licenses

- "Alojamento Local"

- Pool

- Etc…

Casa Chave... The Key to your new life!!!

ISI Solution - Full real estate services

Casa Chave... The Key to your new life!!!

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