The acquisition / investment process in Portugal, as in another country, must comply with local legal formalities. To expedite this process with greater security, we have partnered with a qualified legal office and with office in various parts of the country. These will give you the support you need with all the professionalism and impartiality required.




In order to benefit from the Non-Habitual Resident Statute, we take care of newcomers and make the necessary arrangements with the appropriate authorities. Contact us now and be part of this great community !!! Welcome to Portugal !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arriving in Portugal, the steps to be taken are more than many.

From the most complex (formalities, social security, insurance, retirement, car legalization, driving license, etc ...) to the simplest (moving home, enrolling children in school, signing telecommunication, water, EDP, gas, etc ...) learning the language, French and / or Portuguese, or simply translating documents can be an obstacle.

Conscious of this reality, the Key House aims to be the key solution for your life. To this end, it has a team and a set of partners that respond to each of these needs.

Ask for more information as we will be happy to help you in this great adventure !!!

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